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SELECT c.idprov, c.idcom, c.login, c.timestamp, m.user_id, m.login as mlogin, m.level, m.user_mail, m.user_show_mail, m.timestamp AS registered, m.user_avatar, m.user_msg, m.user_local, m.user_web, m.user_sex, m.user_msn, m.user_yahoo, m.user_sign, m.user_warning, m.user_ban, m.user_groups, s.user_id AS connect, c.contents
FROM phpboost_com c
LEFT JOIN phpboost_member m ON m.user_id = c.user_id
LEFT JOIN phpboost_sessions s ON s.user_id = c.user_id AND s.session_time > '1558610077'
WHERE c.script = 'news' AND c.idprov = '13'
GROUP BY c.idcom
ORDER BY c.timestamp DESC
LIMIT 0, 10

Lost connection to MySQL server during query 256
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